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Love Lola Designs began in 2011, thanks to a friend who bought me a similar style bag as a Birthday gift. I loved it…the handmade, creative elements captured me to a tee and added to that, it was personalised 🙂

So in return I wanted to buy her one for her Birthday a few months later but the website was always sold out so I was moaning to anyone and everyone when my mum suggested I make my own?! I hadn’t picked up a paint brush since my Grandad died 10 years previous; I had always been creative and would never been seen without a drawing pad but I’d lost the fire in my belly when he passed away …but dubiously, I bought my first small batch of bags.

From there I used those bags to make my 4 sisters, my daughter and a couple of other friends a bag each but I have to admit the paintings were terrible as I was so out of practice but they were so well recieved and I was constantly being asked to make more and before I knew it my love for painting and being creative was growing again, my confidence growing by the day and I saw there was actually a business opportunity in it…so here I am, Love Lola Designs was born and I want to thank each and every one of you for believing in me, pushing me, purchasing a bag or just simply complimenting my work as it’s all helping me in my journey. So thank you for not only helping me in growing my business, but by helping me to grow in myself, growing my confidence and making my Grandad proud 🙂

Love Lola Designs x



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